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Top 5 Fall Beauty Trends


Hey Yall!

Yes, it has been a while, but now that things have slowed down a bit, I’m baaack!

Ok, let’s get to it:  The 5 Beauty Trends you should not be without

  1. Natural Eyebrows.. that’s right let those bushy brows show
  2. Fake Eyelashes.. Yes, spider lashes are hot, as long as they are secure
  3. Smooth supple skin.. It’s not just for those hot summers
  4. High/Low Lights.. Honey hair color, that’s right, move over Beyonce
  5. Natural Hair.. Finally!  Natural looks are in, have fun with your natural style.  Celebrate what you were blessed with!

(Source: thebudgetfashionista.com)

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Summer Decorating..


Are you contemplating sprucing up your home for the summer but are unsure where to start?  Well, here is some expert advice on decorating your interiors for the summer season:

  • Add bold patterns and bright festive colors to your existing interiors
  • Bring in fresh flowers
  • Bring in your beach shell & sand collection
  • Add edible arrangements (bowl of apples, glass of lemons/limes)
  • Change out your curtains/drapes for a lighter weight window dressing
  • Bring in summer scents, there is nothing like light citrus, fruity, or flowery scents to remind you of the summer season
  • Pull out your summer dishware
  • Put up some summer prints on your walls
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